Sunday Self-Care: Tend To Yourself and Your Garden

Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, straw hat on, the smell of freshness circles. The summer heat and the clear skies calls for a celebration and appreciation of the summer bloom, bringing color and life to our lands.

Your new Sunday self-care routine includes tending to yourself and to your garden, since nurturing a garden not only benefits plants and flowers, but the mind, body, and soul. Getting dirty and eating clean are good for you.

Gardening is a powerful stress-reliever and this summer activity invites you to get outside, interact with other gardeners, enhance your physical strength as you dig and haul, cultivate feelings of creativity and connection, and empower your food narrative.

During a sizzling summer’s day spent digging, hauling, and planting to forge a bountiful garden, a large pitcher of a refreshing iced tea calls your name. Kick back and relish in the fruits of your labor with a luxurious iced tea experience.

Fun Fact:
The sustainable packaging in our iced teas is actually made to be completely backyard compostable. Learn more here.

You might ask, “What's the difference between hot tea and iced tea?” Our Master Blenders have a unique method for crafting iced teas for a completely different temperature experience on the palate. Our iced teas, made from the purest of botanicals, are bold in the taste expression and are carefully crafted to enjoy over ice.

Better for you, and the planet, our iced tea sachets are lovingly packed by hand into unbleached, home compostable paper. And if that wasn't enough, the box is 100% recyclable while the inner pouch is home compostable. Learn more about our sustainable packaging and materials here.


How to Make Iced Tea


Heat fresh, pure cold water to 210°F. Put 1 iced tea sachet in container. Add 16 fl oz of hot water.


Steep 5-6 minutes. Remove & compost iced sachet. Add 32 fl oz of cold water and 2 cups of ice.


Garnish with fresh mint or herbs. Sip & savor the moment.


Your self-care Sunday wouldn’t be complete without these heavenly and unique recipes, the perfect solution to cool off during a hot laborious day of gardening.

Keep in mind that you can use tea leaves to nourish your plants! Not only can you indulge in these leaves in your iced teas, but your plants can retain their healthy nutrients as well. Tea is filled with antioxidants and the leaves contain potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and various trace minerals – all of which are particularly delectable for your plants. By using tea leaves as fertilizer, you can give your garden a boost, without the use of harsh chemicals. Read our how-to article for how to add tea leaves to your soil.

Your Sunday summer ritual of nurturing yourself and your garden awaits...

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