Iced Green Tea Mojito

A twist on the classic mojito, dive into sweet pineapple & crisp mint!

Sweet, refreshing, and bursting with flavor — transport your senses to an exotic paradise with our summer-ready Iced Green Tea Mojito! Our Refreshing Pineapple Mint Iced Tea adds a tropical sensibility to the classic Mojito, making for an ultimate escape.



  1. Muddle the lime juice, mint leaves, and sugar together at the bottom of a Collins glass until the leaves bruise lightly and the aromas release.

  2. Fill the glass half full of ice.

  3. Combine the rum and iced green tea, and pour over ice.

  4. Top up with a splash of soda water and garnish with mint and lime.

iced sachets | green

A shiver of refreshment in a glass.

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