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Auberge Green

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What is the best tea to drink for health? Weight loss? Clear skin? Shiny hair? Fresh breath?
In over 25 years of traveling the world - educating, enlightening, enchanting, and empowering through the way of tea, "what tea is best for health" (or a variation thereof) is asked at least once per day.

My answer is two part - the best tea to drink for health is:
a) green tea
b) the tea that you enjoy drinking

Let's start with Loose Leaf Green Tea (or teabags if you favor the convenience). Bright, uplifting and packed with antioxidants, green tea has long been regarded as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, used throughout time to restore and relieve. Various medical studies have shown that drinking green tea offers a multitude of health benefits, the most significant being its rich natural source of antioxidants, which has been linked to cancer prevention. Not all green teas are equal in order to achieve these immune boosting, health-giving properties; therefore our Master Blenders carefully select the highest grade of green tea leaves, which contain the greatest concentration of antioxidants, adaptogens, and amino acids, helping you to take care of yourself from the inside-out. And while all tea comes from the same plant (camellia sinensis) because green tea is unfermented (where as black tea leaves are fully fermented), green tea retains all of the natural polyphenols. Green tea has as much as 90% more polyphenols than black tea.

It is also a source of essential minerals, such as iron, sodium and potassium, which can help with the overall function of your body. And as far as a bright smile and fresh breath goes, due to its natural fluoride content, it can help prevent tooth decay, and won't stain your teeth (as coffee, black tea, and red wine can). Another key benefit of green tea is that it is naturally low in caffeine. It contains only one fifth of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, and the caffeine it does have comes without the jitters - think of it as a dose of smooth, energized concentration rather than a caffeinated roller coaster ride of peaks and valleys.

So now let's get onto what you enjoy drinking.
I cannot express how important it is to find teas that you enjoy drinking for every mood, every moment in your day - why suffer for your health if you don't have to? Drinking tea shouldn't be like being punished by your (virtual) personal trainer, "Drop and give me 50 burpees!".

Organic loose leaf green tea?
Choose from the clean, refreshing palate of Organic Health and Well Being Green or indulge in a cup of Organic Apple Pie. Luxury green tea aficionados can appease their wanderlust with a cup of Four Seasons Hong Kong Blend, Auberge Green, or Grand Hyatt Hong Kong - Tiffin Bespoke Blend. Those that want to dive into the mindful meditation that is Japanese Tea Ceremony can literally drink their greens (like eating your kale!) with our ceremonial, 100%stone-ground Kyoto Tencha Matcha. Or modernize this culturally-rich wellness ritual by pouring steamed oat milk over a shot - Matcha Latte goodness!

So you're feeling good, looking good, what's life without a bit of balance - all work and no play, hard pass - Iced Green Tea Mojito? Pear Tree Green Infused Sake? Enjoy!

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