Naturally Sweet Iced TeaNoir Natural Sweet Iced Tea Bags


Iced Sachets | Black
$22 CAD


Iced Sachets | Herbal 1 review
$22 CAD
Juicy Mango PeachJuicy Mango Peach

Juicy Mango Peach

Iced Sachets | Black 2 reviews
$22 CAD
Refreshing Pineapple MintRefreshing Pineapple Mint

Refreshing Pineapple Mint

Iced Sachets | Green 1 review
$22 CAD
Precocious Passionfruit VanillaPrecocious Passionfruit Vanilla

Precocious Passionfruit Vanilla

Iced Sachets | Black
$22 CAD
Lychee Passionfruit Bubble TeaLychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea

Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea

Loose Leaf Iced Tea | Black 5 reviews
From $8 CAD to $28 CAD
Wild Raspberry LemonWild Raspberry Lemon

Wild Raspberry Lemon

Iced Sachets | Black
$22 CAD

Freshly brewed iced tea is refreshing and inviting all year round, regardless of the season, and with so many options to choose from, why not add it as a staple to your tea cupboard?

Iced Tea Sachets offer a hydrating twist to plain water, especially with caffeine free Superfood Berry blends like Berrylicious - loved by kids and adults alike! Or for a kick of caffeine, Juicy Mango Peach, Precocious Passionfruit Vanilla, or Wild Raspberry Lemon. Traditionalists will love Noir - designed to be enjoyed without any need for sugar or sweeteners. Or for a low caffeine, green tea antioxidant-rich splash, try our Refreshing Pineapple Mint.

The convenience of our oversized Iced Tea bags makes it easy to have a pitcher in the fridge daily - simply heat fresh, pure cold water to a boil, and pour over 1 iced tea sachet in a heat-proof container. Steep 5-6 minutes, remove & compost the sachet, add cold water and ice, garnish to please, and enjoy! 1 sachet prepares 2 quarts of delicious iced tea and makes the equivalent of 48 bottles or cans of iced tea without the excess packaging!

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