Teaquila Mita Cocktail


Teaquila Mita

Ditch the salt and lime with this Tealeaves cocktail created by a tequila master from Mexico!

The “Tea”quila Sunrise Cocktail harmonizes sweet and tart, infusing the classic Tequila Sunrise with a deep berry palate. Beautifully layered Mountain Berry Tea syrup over a frozen mint leaf, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Sip a bit of summer with this twist on a classic. Tantalize your taste buds, and slip into a moment on the beaches of Hawaii with the “Tea”quila Sunrise.

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Tea in Recipe

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Mélangeur de thé de luxe pour les chefs Michelin, les hôtels cinq étoiles et les amateurs de thé.

Créé en 1994