Raise a Glass To Good Health: Our Favorite Zero-Proof Mixology Recipes

Looking to refresh your cocktail repertoire? Whether you're a mocktail aficionado, or you simply want to raise the bar on your at-home culinary creations, non-alcoholic cocktails can provide endless opportunities for flavor complexity and style. Now, tea can be your next favorite secret ingredient! For over two decades, Michelin Chefs have used TEALEAVES blends as their favorite mixology trick. With the ability to add both aromatics and tannin, the infusion of tea can enliven your classic cocktail creations with bitter, savory, herbal, or even earthy flavor profiles.

The cherry on top? With no high-fructose syrups, artificial sweeteners, or alcoholic spirits, tea-infused zero-proof creations are not only deliciously complex, but also provide a health-forward twist on your favorite cocktails. Cheers!

What is a zero-proof cocktail?

Mirroring the complexity of a craft cocktail, zero-proof concoctions provide an alcohol-free way to enjoy an elegant cocktail. Sophisticated and deeply flavorful, zero-proof cocktails infuse non-alcoholic spirit alternatives that can achieve the same flavor and nuance of a cocktail.

What makes a great zero-proof cocktail?

The secret to zero-proof cocktails lies in the balance of flavor profiles. Balancing the sweet, sour, bitter or umami notes of a cocktail are essential in achieving an elevated zero-proof drink. For the recipes including vodka, we typically recommend incorporating white grape juice, soda water, or apple cider combined with lime juice as substitutes. For the recipes with bourbon, we recommend combining peach nectar and cider vinegar or non-alcoholic vanilla extract and water. Shrubs, natural syrups, herbs, juices, tonics, and teas are all wonderful ingredients that offer the depth of flavor and no alcohol at all.

Add a splash of fruity sophistication to your next cocktail night with this tasty sweet & sour apple martini. An infusion of TEALEAVES Organic Vanilla Rooibos and notes of apple transports you back to the city that never sleeps. This artful blend of green apples and South African Organic Rooibos will make you want to take a bite out of it!

make it zero-proof:

Replace Vermouth with apple juice and a splash of lemon juice.

The Muse — Organic Vanilla Rooibos:

Packed with powerful health-boosting antioxidants and unique nutrients, such as zinc and alpha-hydroxy acid, our naturally sweet Organic Vanilla Rooibos will hydrate your senses to glow from within.

loose leaf tea | rooibos

Head to the races with this refreshing mint and green tea cocktail! Taking TEALEAVES Organic Health & Well-Being tea, The Whiskey Jug’s Josh Peters remakes a Kentucky Derby favorite. The rich vanilla, oak and toffee notes of the bourbon pair with traditional mint and fresh green tea.

make it zero-proof:

Replace bourbon with an equal combination of peach nectar and cider vinegar.

The Muse — Organic Health & Well-Being:

Blended for the proliferation of a healthy life, this balanced organic green tea delivers an abundance of antioxidants, and a plethora of adaptogens & amino acids.

loose leaf tea | green

Looking for the perfect compliment to a sunny patio or after a dip in the pool? This is the one for you. The gin fizz cocktail is taken for a splash with TEALEAVES Harmony Loose Leaf Blend at The Parker Palm Springs. With the addition of peppermint and maraschino cherries, you can’t go wrong with this one!

make it zero-proof:

Replace Uncle Val Gin with tonic water with a splash of citrus & orange extract.

The Muse — HARMONY:

In concert with the herbal philosophy, Harmony is well-suited as a digestive aid and for detoxification purposes. Pure organic peppermint provides cooling comfort, while organic chamomile blossoms soothe the stomach.

loose leaf tea | herbal

The “Tea”quila Sunrise Cocktail harmonizes sweet and tart, infusing the classic Tequila Sunrise with a deep berry palate. With a beautifully layered Mountain Berry Tea syrup over a frozen mint leaf and orange juice, you can tantalize your taste buds and slip into a moment on the beaches of Hawaii. Crafted by Alfredo Sanchez, the Tequila Master at Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico, he brings out tequila’s many layers, flavours, and complexities.

make it zero-proof:

Replace the Patrón Anejo Tequila with agave juice.


A signature mixology blend, Chefs and bartenders alike love our Mountain Berry’s deep, Cabernet red liquor and bold taste. Bursting with a blend of superfood berries and tangy hibiscus, this blend is a much needed antioxidant-rich boost to your everyday routine.

loose leaf tea | herbal

Reminiscent of the silver screen, this cocktail is peach perfect for your fabulous party. Joseph Ramaglia shows us how to uplift calming chamomile into a glowing (or sparkling) golden liquor, evocative of the colors and glamor of the Golden Globes.

Indulge in this glitzy cocktail as you savor the silver screen and nominate this cocktail as the best drink for your fashionable Golden Globes party. Cheers!

make it zero-proof:

Replace Nolet's Silver Gin with tonic water with a splash of citrus & orange extract.


Restore balance from within with stomach-soothing organic chamomile blossoms. Blended with pure chamomile, this tea helps to calm the body and mind, while encouraging regularity, digestion and gut health.

loose leaf tea | herbal

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