Sip Your Stress Away: Our Calming Favorites

Now more than ever, the desire to achieve peace of mind is at an all-time high. Sometimes all we need is a small moment of mindfulness to help soothe our stresses and create our own private calm. A warm cup of tea, that we like to call “the elixir of life”, has long been touted for its uplifting and nourishing properties. Even its aroma can melt stresses away.

Exclusively developed by TEALEAVES Master Tea Blenders and Botanists, we’ve curated our favorite remedies to naturally alleviate anxiety and calm your mind. So put the kettle on, take a deep breath, and steep your troubles away...


Naturally release stress and anxiety with the calming properties of valerian and lemon balm. As one of nature’s most popular anxiolytics, valerian is known to naturally soothe nerves and promote restfulness, while boosting the immune system. For an added dose of tranquility, ease your mind & spirit with notes of passion flower.


Enter a state of pure tranquility and unwind with this herbal melange. Blended to strip away the days stresses, calming herbal with catnip, skullcap, wood betony and passion flower will do everything short of sing you to sleep.


Exclusively sourced from Oregon, our Organic Peppermint blends the highest quality pure peppermint leaves with a very high contention of menthol. The cooling, stimulating effects of menthol has been shown to help relieve tension and discomfort, promoting relaxation.


We blend our Earl Grey’s with 100% pure bergamot oil for its naturally therapeutic and uplifting properties. A powerful mood-booster, pure bergamot oil is prized for its ability to uplift the spirit and increase an overall sense of well-being.


This soul-soothing herbal blend features organic dandelion root, which is part of Ayurvedic apothecary and prescribed in Chinese medicine. Paired with the powerful benefits of organic raw cacao, this botanical powder provides a healthy dose of greens.


Sip on this soothing botanical blend to unwind after a long day. Reinvigorate for a restful downtime. Blended for optimal health and wellness with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger.


Blended by Botanists, the Garden of Secrets tea features an eclectic melange of health-forward botanicals, such as Tulsi, Licorice, and Yarrow Root. Promoting wellness from within, Tulsi, an aromatic and adaptogenic herb, can calm the mind and naturally reduce anxiety, in addition to boasting powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

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