Learn the Energizing Benefits of Matcha

Is Matcha Tea good for you?

An Abundance of Energy and Antioxidants

Good news for Matcha drinkers - the benefits of drinking Matcha are endless! Matcha hosts an abundance of natural health benefits for those who drink it. Since the Tencha leaves contain high levels of antioxidants and key amino acids which promote relaxation and protect our bodies from harmful disease, it is paramount to select a high quality Matcha blend to maximize all of its health benefits.

Due to its high caffeine content, Matcha is a great alternative to coffee to give you an extra boost throughout the day. Unlike coffee that often leads to caffeine crashes, Matcha provides a balanced energy that works all day long. This means that you can swap your average drip coffee for a bold cup of Matcha in the morning. Even better - 1 cup of Matcha contains about ½ of the amount of caffeine as a regular morning coffee.

What Gives Matcha it’s Lush Green Hue?

Matcha can take on many different hues depending on the preparation and quality of ingredients. Its color ranges from a lively green to a leafy brown shade. The brighter the color indicates the quality of the leaf. The vibrant green hue of TEALEAVES’ Matcha reflects the freshest and highest quality of leaves used during production. Its brilliant color also translates into heightened health benefits. If you want to know how to make a high quality Matcha tea, pay attention to the vibrancy of the color!

The Cultural Tradition and Unmatched Craftsmanship

Tencha indicates young tea leaves hand-picked from the spring harvest, traditionally shaded for 20 days under a covering of straw honzu and reed. TEALEAVES’ Tencha Matcha uses small-batch production to source the young Tencha tea leaves to ensure the tradition and craftsmanship of Japanese tea culture remains. Tencha Matcha is a ceremonial grade tea, and can be prepared as ‘thick tea’ (koicha) or ‘thin tea’ (usucha) which uses more water in its preparation.

Typically, Tencha leaves that come from the highest quality of milling make for the most palatable tea, which is especially important when making koicha.

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