Luxury Bubble Tea — Shake up the status quo and re-imagine bubble tea from responsible sourcing to five-star culinary techniques.

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Lychee Passion Fruit Bubble Tea - Black Iced Tea from TEALEAVESLychee Passion Fruit Bubble Tea - Black Iced Tea from TEALEAVES

Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea

Iced Tea | Black

From $13 CAD to $32 CAD

Premium Bubble Tea - Luxury Boba Tea

Blended specifically for TEALEAVES’ World’s Most Expensive Bubble Tea project in collaboration with The St. Regis San Francisco’s Executive Chef Franck Desplechin for San Francisco Design Week 2017.

TEALEAVES’ Master Blenders created a Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea blend of whole tea leaves blended specifically for ice, using an approach completely different than that for hot tea. Riffing off Chef’s elevated bubble tea recipe, called the “Boba Teashake”, and particularly the challenging salted caramel foam and passionfruit coulis, the blend had to simultaneously highlight salt with cream, while balancing tropical fruity notes. The discordance of salt, fruit, cream living in the same space as tannins and maltiness was finally solved through extensive recipe formulation, using the right lychee and passionfruit natural oils grounded in a medium-body black tea.

The art of tea meets the art of culinary, as TEALEAVES x The St. Regis San Francisco “shake up the status quo” and re-imagine bubble tea—from responsible sourcing to five-star culinary techniques—elevating the common beverage to the world of fine dining. Created in honor of the theme for San Francisco Design Week (SFDW) 2017, “Question Everything”. The result is the birth of a new world-class beverage: the Boba Teashake.

Shake up the status quo. It’s bubble tea, re-imagined.

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