Four Seasons Sour Cocktail


Four Seasons Sour

Relax at the Four Seasons Hong Kong with their custom drink in hand. Can't make it to Hong Kong? Try it at home!

Custom blended for the Four Seasons Hong Kong, TEALEAVES’ Four Seasons Hong Kong blend, an orchid-like oolong with vanilla, pairs beautifully with the vanilla notes in bourbon. For a truly impressive layer of foam, dry shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker before adding ice, and then shake a second time.

[[ recipeID=recipe-8krhkr9as, title=Four Seasons Sour ]]

Tea in Recipe

loose leaf tea | green

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Mélangeur de thé de luxe pour les chefs Michelin, les hôtels cinq étoiles et les amateurs de thé.

Créé en 1994