Chef Karen Barnaby's Chai Spiced Butter Balls


Chef Karen Barnaby's Chai Spiced Butter Balls

Bake up a storm to keep the chill away.

Indulge in these buttery delights with warm cinnamon and fragrant cardamom with a cup of chai and a good book, or serve them at your next afternoon tea party.

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This delightful recipe was created in collaboration with Tealeaves ICON Chef Karen Barnaby, and was published in her book Girls Who Dish¹.

¹ Released in October of 1999, published by Whitecap Books.

“TEALEAVES has been an inspiration for me since they invited me for a tea tasting many years ago. I recall only sampling 27, and was told that the record was 40! I’ve used their tea as a marinade for salmon and goat’s cheese and dabbled with it in baking. This was my most successful cookie experiment and would make a fantastic Christmas cookie.”

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