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How to Make a Quick & Easy Latte

Make a quick and easy latte with the Miele Steamer. Teas with stronger body like black teas or rooibos will work best in lattes!


Step By Step 

opening your black tea to start your tea latte


Pick your favourite.

Many of our teabags can be made into a quick latte. Varietals with stronger body, like black teas and rooibos work best in latteas!

fill your tea cup with hot water and steep your tea bag



Fill ½ or ¾ full with hot water and follow the steeping chart on the teabag envelope.

White – 3 minutes
Green – 1 minute
Oolong – 3 minutes
Black – 2-3 minutes
Herbal & Rooibos – 5 minutes

use your milk steamer to froth your milk


Layer milk.

Add steamed milk directly into the teacup.



Before taking a sip, take a moment to appreciate the character and aroma and discover that peace can be found in a teacup!

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