English Breakfast

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

One of the world's favorite loose leaf english breakfast teas, blended with biscuity Keemun.

$30 CAD
Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up


A Classic Cup

A Classic

Blending Notes
  • Aroma

    Sweet & biscuity

  • Palate

    Elegant, bright and brisk

  • Purpose

    Seize the day boldly


Estate black tea

High Caffeine

BLEND NO. 3505


Our loose leaf is packed in tins that are recyclable and can be disposed of in your blue bin. Our tins are also food-safe and can be repurposed for many things including spices and other dried ingredients. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

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Elegant and poised, focused and aware. Each step precise, keen eyes watchful. No matter what surprises the day brings, these feathers remain unruffled.

About This Blend

When tea replaced ale as the favoured beverage at the breakfast table, it was an unblended China Keemun that was drunk. Blended true to the origin of 'English Breakfast', our connoisseur grade English Breakfast tea is predominantly Keemun, with its biscuity palate, blended with just a hint of Ceylon to sweeten and round out the cup. When you are looking for "a classic cup", English Breakfast lends itself to be drunk on its own, or with a splash of milk. As a black tea, it pairs beautifully with rich desserts such as cheesecake or chocolate cake, as well as an assortment of cheeses.


1 Tsp


1 Cup




2-3 Min

Your FAQs, Answered
For English Breakfast

Like all tea, English Breakfast can be drunk whenever one sees fit. That being said, due to the high caffeine content associated with this tea type we recommend consuming it in the morning or early afternoon.

English Breakfast should be steeped for 2-3 minutes at a temperature of 210°F or 99°C.

Black tea does contain caffeine. To illustrate, one would need to drink 3 cups of black tea to equal the same content caffeine as 1 cup of drip coffee.

All tea including English Breakfast comes from the evergreen shrub known as Camellia Sinensis.

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