Nutcracker Mousse & Poached Pear Dish


"Nutcracker" Mousse & Poached Pear

Warm tellicherry black peppercorns crackle against a frozen backdrop of creamy ice cream. The fragrant and distinctive pepper offers a unique juxtaposition between cold dessert and warm spice, bringing out toasty notes of hazelnut in a Nutcracker tea-infused mousse.

To finish, Executive Chef Franck Desplechin added poached pears, inspired by the a dessert of poached pears with black peppercorns he tasted while young.

[[ recipeID=recipe-8kqhrecr4, title="Nutcracker" Mousse & Poached Pear ]]

Notes from Franck Desplechin, Executive Chef at St. Regis San Francisco:

“You want the creaminess to bring a new layer of texture to your desserts – it should match with the crispiness of the crumble and other elements.”

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