High Summer in Kyoto Cocktail


High Summer in Kyoto

An ode to the summer months in Kyoto and the intricate beauty of the Japanese maple. High Summer in Kyoto blends fresh TEALEAVES Organic Pear Tree green tea with subtly sweet and spicy Suntory Toki Whisky for a lovely pear tea-infused cocktail!

Be transported into a Japanese summer garden with High Summer in Kyoto, imagined by Chef Darren MacLean of Shokunin Izakaya.

Experience the vibrancy of a Kyoto summer with this hand-crafted pear tea-infused cocktail, featuring TEALEAVES Organic Pear Tree green tea. With hints of vanilla, oak, and fresh pear, and garnished with a delicate stem of Japanese maple.

Imagined by the awarded Chef Darren Maclean, who was recently featured on Netflix’s The Final Table. Chef Maclean is an elite Canadian chef of the Japanese-style brasserie Shokunin in Calgary.

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