Executive Chef Nick Pelliccione's BC Forestea Ramen


Executive Chef Nick Pelliccione's BC Forestea Ramen

TEALEAVES flew to New York and got to know the very charismatic Chef Nick Pelliccione over a cup of tea.

With years of experience cooking in New York, from the Waldorf Astoria to Hyatt Times Square, his inspiration to become a chef originated during the many Christmas Eves helping his family prepare dishes.

Chef Nick’s ramen recipe uses TEALEAVES’ exclusive BC Forestea blend. First crafted for the Canadian chefs competing in Bocuse d’Or, this is a hallmark tea pioneered in Canada, seen as a groundbreaking innovation in smoked-infused tea tradition. This connoisseur’s tea born of an appreciation for a smoky palate is prized by leading chefs of the world for infusing creams and sauces with full, smooth, peat-smoke, and earthy character.

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Notes from Executive Chef Nick Pelliccione on his recipe:

“From a very young age, I grew up in a very food-forward household and one of my earliest memories is cooking with my mom. Christmas Eve was always the big dinner for my family and I would do a lot of helping with that. The kitchen was the focal point of the house: my uncle was a chef and my mother cooked all the time, my grandmother and even my extended family cooked a lot and everything revolved around food. I picked it up, I happened to be good at it, I liked to eat–it just seemed like a natural progression to do it for a living.”

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