English Affair Plymouth Gin Cocktail


An English Affair

In collaboration with the Hyatt Times Square Bartender at the illustrious Bar 54, Melissa Farmer, and Tealeaves has mastered the art of having an affair – the perfect English Affair, which has all the excitement and tantalizing desire, minus the drama. Lavender Earl Grey perfectly complements the citrus bitters and slight hint of absinthe, while the provocative artisan infused Plymouth Gin excites your palate.

The eve of 2015 is sure to be an affair to remember, and what better way to celebrate than to infuse your evening with the essence of Times Square and TEALEAVES Lavender Earl Grey.

Bursting with opulence, An English Affair is bound to become your New Year’s Eve drink of choice. While the ball drops in Times Square, you can drop a grapefruit twist into your English Affair and raise your glass in celebration of 2014 and fervent anticipation for 2015.

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