Chief Skugaid Cocktail


Chief Skugaid

Inspired by Vancouver's rich history, Mixologist Justin Taylor creates unique cocktails.

Smokey BC Forestea comes together with rum in the Chief Skugaid, inspired by the historic rum-running vessel of the same name.

Words from Justin Taylor, Director of Beverage at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar:

“Vancouver’s rich history never ceases to inspire me in my quest for unique cocktail creations. The Chief Skugaid, which is still afloat today and remains moored in New Westminster, B.C., was the most successful rum-running vessel in the country. Commissioned in 1912 and built in Coal Harbour, the Chief Skugaid was originally designated as a fishing boat, but sailed for 11 years as rum-running vessel without ever getting caught. While the Chief Skugaid is the longest serving ship in Canadian history, its future is uncertain as development in the area currently threatens its place of rest.”

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