Taste Your Adventure: 10 Ways to Celebrate Summer with the Accompaniment of Tea

Picnic with girl stirring tea leaves berry iced tea in pitcher and two glasses

From thrilling outdoor escapades to the serene moments of relaxation, the summer season unveils a vast array of activities to delight and inspire. Hot or iced, TEALEAVES can accompany you on your summer adventures.

Discover 10 tea-infused activities for this summer season.


1. Go on a Picnic date

Fill your basket with your favorite summertime items and prepare for the pastoral scenery. Under the warm summer sun, savor cherished memories with every sip of TEALEAVES Mountain Berry as an iced tea.

loose leaf tea | herbal
A picnic spread with fresh mangos and peaches and a jug of  fresh ice tea

2. Attend an Outdoor Yoga Class

Elevate your ritual to new heights as you explore the fusion of yoga and nature. Unwind and connect with the world around you with a cup of Fantastic Mushroom Tea. Each sip is filled with the world's most revered mushrooms.

A cup of Fantastic Mushroom tea latte with frothy milk on a wooden log
botancial powder | herbal

3. Host a sip & Paint with friends

Unleash your inner artist and sip your way to creativity! Explore the art of painting with tea, a unique and natural medium that adds an earthy charm to your creations.


Use TEALEAVES Pantone Colour of the Year tea for an elegant blue tone inspired by PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Tea powder | green

Use TEALEAVES Tencha Matcha, 100% ceremonial grade, for a bright and vibrant green.

Tea powder | green

Use TEALEAVES Color of Biodiversity for a bright pink hue inspired by the oldest pigment found on earth.

4. explore the outdoors

Wander in the vast greenery surrounded by majestic trees while you sip on BC Forestea. Inspired by the alluring forests of British Columbia, this organic black tea is the embodiment of the wilderness. Be captivated by the smoky flavor that mimics the smells of the forest and smoky campfires.

one image with night sky, one image of forest - tea leaves organic loose leaf tea
loose leaf tea | BLACK

5. make a refreshing superfood popsicle

The perfect summer treat!

Make this healthy and refreshing snack to help you beat the summer heat, made extra special with TEALEAVES’ Organic Ashwagandha Beetroot Boost!

botanical powder | HERBAL
A refreshing popsicle from TEALEAVES Organic Ashwagandha Beetroot Boost botanical powder

6. visit a farmer's market

Fuel your day as you stroll though the lively farmer's market with an iced Tencha Matcha latte. Hand pick your favorite fruits and vegetables while you immerse in a lively ambiance with your favorite summertime tea. A go-to option when you want a balanced caffeine kick, matcha is a staple in your self-improvement journey.

tealeaves iced tencha matcha latte and whisk and green background
tea powder | GREEN

7. make an Iced tea with a twist

If you’re feeling daring, turn your iced tea into a tea-infused cocktail for an added whimsical experience.

Sweet, refreshing, and bursting with flavor — transport your senses to an exotic paradise with this summer-ready Iced Green Tea Mojito featuring TEALEAVES Refreshing Pineapple Mint iced tea!

iced tea | green
an iced tea mojito with fresh lime and mint garnish placed in front of a blue water background

6. throw a pool party

Sip, swim, and savor the sweetness of summer with TEALEAVES' delicious Bubble Gum Popsicle tea by Chef Bruno Feldeisen. This sun-kissed palate of passion fruit, lychee, and pineapple is the quintessential summer party flavor.

Serve it iced and keep cool all day long.

A photo of the TEALEAVES Bubble Gum Popsicle loose leaf tea with a photo of a scenic poolside view
loose leaf tea | GREEN

9. go strawberry picking

It's strawberry season! Bring the strawberry fields home with TEALEAVES Organic Wild Strawberry green tea.

Enjoy over ice as a low-caffeine refresher.

loose leaf tea | green
a photo of TEALEAVES Organic Wild Strawberry iced tea with fresh strawberries and a picture of a strawberry farm pickings

10. watch the sunset

Elevate your sunset experience as you enjoy the beautiful golden hues, one cup at a time.

Immerse yourself in a moment of tranquil bliss with each sip of Organic Vanilla Rooibos. This caffeine-free tea is the perfect pairing to end the day off right.

a steaming cup of TEALEAVES Organic Vanilla Rooibos herbal  tea being poured from a teapot
loose leaf tea | rooibus

Feeling inspired? Whether it’s trying out new activities with friends or having a main character moment by yourself, tag us @tealeavesco on Instagram and share your summer adventures with us! #summerwithTEALEAVES

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