Tea as Your New Secret Ingredient

During these uncertain times, many of us who are unable to leave our homes are also becoming novice at-home chefs. For over two decades, Michelin Chefs have used TEALEAVES blends in their repertoire of secret ingredients as their favorite culinary trick. Now, it’s your turn to embrace these at-home techniques! Hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients, impart subtle smoky, floral, grassy, or even spicy notes using only tea.

From tea-roasted beets to decadent chai-spiced butterballs, and even tea-infused ramen, here's how tea can be your next favorite secret ingredient.

Short on Fresh Berries?

Craving the ripe richness of fresh berries? Substitute TEALEAVES Mountain Berry!

Masterfully blended as a tasty balance of sweet, succulent berries, with a touch of sass from tart hibiscus. The ultimate foundation to all of your berry desires, Mountain Berry can be used to create a repertoire of refreshing syrups, sauces, flavored ice cubes, and alcohol infusions:

Tea Syrup is a truly versatile ingredient to help you inject your culinary creations with tea flavor.

Infuse Mountain Berry with your favorite vodka and you have the makings of a moment to intoxicate your senses with luscious bliss.

Cool down with a lovely glass of fruity berry and lemon.

Missing Your Patio BBQ?

End your search for the ultimate "backyard BBQ" aroma and flavor. With TEALEAVES BC Forestea impart a rich, peat-smoke character, all without relying on a grill.

Developed for the Bocuse D’Or Chefs Competition, and prized by leading Chefs around the world for infusing creams and sauces with full, smooth, and earthy character, BC Forestea will infuse your favorite dishes with subtle and complex smokiness. Our favorites? Try it as a smoked marinade or a smoky ramen broth:

Let this delicious ramen infused with "smoky" BC Forestea warm you up!

Out of Spinach for Your Morning Juice?

Step up your morning smoothie! Forget the spinach and get your greens in with TEALEAVES Tencha Matcha.

In addition to providing a significant infusion of antioxidant goodness to power you up for the day ahead, matcha adds a wonderful richness to smoothies:

Green Smoothie
with Matcha

Missing Your Kitchen Spices?

Spice up your baked goods with TEALEAVES Masala Chai! Bursting with rich and spicy flavors, this traditional spiced tea blend is a delicious way to warm up your soul and invigorate your cooking.

In addition to being the perfect base for your afternoon latté, Chai can add an extra depth of flavour to your everyday recipes – from turning up the heat in your favourite savory dishes, to livening up classic cocktails and decadent desserts:

Subtly spiced with Masala Chai and roasted, these beets make the perfect side.

Balance the aromatic spices of chai ganache and chai dentelle with a lychee sorbet and lime posset.

Indulge in these buttery delights with warm cinnamon and fragrant cardamon with a cup of chai and a good book.

Short on Fresh Herbs?

Discover a healthy, artisanal approach to flavor creation with TEALEAVES Organic Long Life Green.

The perfect substitute for dried herbs, Organic Long Life Green offers a natural complement to simmered, steamed, smoked and stir-fried dishes.

The fresh, mellow overtones and slight astringent finish combine to add new depth to your kitchen classics - ranging from stocks, brines, marinades, or even bouquet garni:

The grassy notes of Organic Long Life Green highlight the vibrant herbs.

A memorable salmon feast with Organic Health & Well-Being.

Missing Your Perfect Cocktail?

Step up your bartending skills and stock up your punch-making repertoire with the TEALEAVES Pantone Collection Gift Box - a curated assortment of our Master Blenders favorite teabags.

Even without a well-stocked bar, the world of contemporary cocktails is at your fingertips. With the ability to add both aromatics and tannin, discover new ways of enlivening your classic cocktail creations in the form of tea tinctures, bitters, and syrups:

Spice things up with this warming chai and liquor cocktail.

Tea-infused gin with light notes of rosemary cucumber syrup and lime juice.

An exotic, pink take on Piña Colada with Monsoon Chai-infused rum.

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