Artful Infusions: Unveiling the Harmonious Connection Between Tea Blends, Museums, and Ballet

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For centuries tea blending, museums, and ballet have been connected through the intricacy of art. From the brilliance of connection to the balance of harmonious culture, the commonality lies through true craftsmanship.

Explore the exquisite tea blends inspired by renowned museums and ballet companies from around the world and embark on a sensory adventure.

Tea & The Museums

Wander into the realm of museums where art, culture and history intertwine. Just as artists express their vision on a canvas or sculptural form, the artistry of tea reveals itself in the careful selection, blending, and preparation of exquisite tea leaves.

Experience the artistry in every cup as you allow tea to be your companion in moments of tranquility, self-reflection, and renewal: a cherished time where you can disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.


Cooper Hewitt Museum x TEALEAVES

Cooper Hewitt Museum


The Hewitt Sisters Tea pays homage to the remarkable legacy of the Hewitt Sisters and their visionary creation, in celebration of the Cooper Hewitt Museum 125th anniversary. Blended with a vibrant mix of black tea, green tea, rose petals, mango and passionfruit, this fruity tea is perfect to awaken your senses and set the stage for a harmonious morning.

loose leaf tea | BLACK
Art collection form Cooper Hewitt Museum

The flavors and label design are inspired by the Hewitt Sisters through the objects of their collection. A Cooper Hewitt collection which showcases intriguing pieces of art, vibrant colors, bold geometric shapes, and the custom Hewitt typeface.

The Frye Art Museum x TEALEAVES

Indulge in the exquisite Frye Art Museum Blend, a carefully crafted tea with organic peppermint, chamomile, rosehips, marigold flowers, rose petals, spices, and strawberry leaf. This steaming cup of herbal tea is great to enjoy to end the day as you reflect on the day's events, appreciating the artistry of life, and finding gratitude in the simple pleasures.

loose leaf tea | HERBAL
Frye Art Musuem tea blend in front of scenic mountain range

The flavors and label design represent the serene artwork from the Frye's Founding Collection, inviting tranquility and encouraging natural reflection. With every sip, you support the Frye's Creative Aging programs, empowering individuals through the transformative power of art.

Tea & The Ballet

Step into the enchanting world where the delicate movements of dance and artful tea blending merge in a harmonious celebration of co-artistry. At TEALEAVES, we believe that true craftsmanship lies in meticulous attention to detail, whether it's crafting a flawless cup of tea or orchestrating an intricate ballet performance.

Unveil the beauty of the delicate movements and artistry that unite these two extraordinary realms.


The Pacific Northwest Ballet x TEALEAVES


Exclusively co-created with Pacific Northwest Ballet, the 50th Anniversary tea is a bespoke tea blend celebrating the renowned ballet company's 50th anniversary. This tea is delicately blended with organic green tea, jasmine, marigold and rose flowers, and natural flavors of blackcurrant and vanilla. A calming tea that honors the breathtaking displays of innovation, ephemerality, and artistry of every season.

loose leaf tea | GREEN



We both understand the importance of crafting something memorable- whether a new ballet, a new tea, or a collaboration like our 50th anniversary blend- and the lasting impression that these ephemeral experiences can leave- Pacific Northwest Ballet

The flavors captures the ephemerality of movement with the label design showcasing a dancer’s delicate movement through layered fabric in vermillion color.

Elevate your moments with teas from TEALEAVES that embody the artistry and passion of these extraordinary realms. Immerse yourself in these seemingly distinct entities as they come together harmoniously and explore what the wonders of art, culture, and history can offer.

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