7 Steps to a Daily Self-Care Ritual

Discover how to infuse the ritual of self-care into your daily routine.

Now more than ever, practicing self-care is essential to reducing stress and bringing peace and comfort back into our lives. Whether it be through meditation and journaling, or reconnecting virtually with a loved one, self-help rituals are essential to maintaining our mental health.

As one of the oldest forms of self-healing and nutrition, tea has long been touted for its uplifting and nourishing properties. TEALEAVES curates only the finest herbs and botanicals from around the world to create delicious teas that are purposefully crafted to support your health and wellness. These blends have a heightened concentration of antioxidants, adaptogens, and amino acids, helping you to take care of yourself from the inside-out.

Discover our 7 steps to infuse self-care into your daily routine:

Step 1

Move your body! Regular exercise is not only a great mood booster, it’s essential for bringing balance to your body. Whether you greet the day with an online yoga class, a run outdoors, or simply a walk, daily exercise can help you both physically and mentally, uplifting your mood and reducing stress.

Step 2

Replenish after your morning exercise with a nourishing green matcha smoothie. Made of stone-ground green tea leaves, TEALEAVES matcha provides 130 times more antioxidants than traditional green tea per serving, providing long-lasting energy and expanded awareness for the day ahead.

loose leaf tea | Green

Step 3

Greet nature with a stroll through your neighborhood. Simply breathe, take a walk, and appreciate the simple sights, smells, and sounds of Mother Earth.

Step 4

Return home to cool down and refresh with a thirst-quenching glass of TEALEAVES Berry Iced Tea. Caffeine-free and packed with antioxidant-rich superfood berries, our sugar-free iced tea is a fresh and healthy way to stay hydrated and care for your body.

loose leaf iced tea | herbal

Step 5

Spend the early afternoon reading, resting, or virtually connecting with a friend while enjoying a cup of TEALEAVES Flowery Earl Grey. Known as “a cup of liquid sunshine”, this tea contains pure bergamot oil, a natural antidepressant, providing the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

loose leaf tea | black

Step 6

Finish the day with a cup of TEALEAVES Starry Night. This calming herbal blended with catnip, skullcap, wood betony and passion flower will do everything short of sing you to sleep.

loose leaf tea | herbal

Step 7

Finally, indulge in a bespoke Sereni-Tea Bath in the evening, as you bring this day of relaxation and focus on your well-being to a close. The ultimate meditative retreat.

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