Jetlag AM Energy

Jetlag AM Energy

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal

Yerba Maté (a stimulant) and Ginkgo biloba work with ginseng for sustained energy and to reset the body clock. Face the day feeling refreshed and energized.

$39 CAD
Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Brain Fuel

Brain Fuel

Energy Booster

Energy Booster

Blending Notes
  • Aroma

    Mint & citrus

  • Palate

    Abundant vigor, refreshing

  • Purpose

    Energize the mind & body


Yerba mate, gingko biloba, fennel seeds, peppermint, north american ginseng, orange peel, and vitamin.

High Caffeine

BLEND NO. 8001


Our loose leaf is packed in tins that are recyclable and can be disposed of in your blue bin. Our tins are also food-safe and can be repurposed for many things including spices and other dried ingredients. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

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Eyes alert, ears engaged, feet ready to spring into action. An astute mind must decide in a split second: the difference between success and failure.

About This Blend

This natural herbal blend promotes mental clarity and infuses the body with sustained energy while boosting the immune system. When we asked our Master Blenders to blend a jetlag therapy tea, they asked if we wanted it for the purpose of staying awake, or to rest? So we created two Jetlag Therapy Herbal Blends (Jetlag AM and Jetlag PM)! Jetlag AM is the citrusy, minty cup to boost your energy and your immune system - whether you just landed in a new time zone or you are waking up on your own. Perfect as your daily morning ritual with the naturally stimulating Yerba Maté to ground and awaken you. Face the day feeling refreshed and energized!


1 Tsp


1 Cup




5+ Min

Your FAQs, Answered
For Jetlag AM Energy

Herbal blends should be steeped for 5+ minutes at a temperature of 212°F or 100°C.

Herbal blends typically contain a variety of plant herbs, spices, flowers, roots, berries, and barks, while tisanes are typically infusions of just dried fruits and berries.

Herbal blends do not typically contain any caffeine (because there is no camellia synensis in herbal blends), although they may contain stimulating herbals such as yerba mate. It is important to always check the ingredient listing, and if in doubt about if it is safe for your consumption, consult professional medical advice.

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