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zero waste: a collection of plastic-free teas.

Juicy Mango PeachJuicy Mango Peach

Juicy Mango Peach

Iced Tea | Black 2 reviews
$23 CAD
Refreshing Pineapple MintRefreshing Pineapple Mint

Refreshing Pineapple Mint

Iced Tea | Green 1 review
$23 CAD
Wild Raspberry LemonWild Raspberry Lemon

Wild Raspberry Lemon

Iced Tea | Black
$23 CAD


Iced Tea | Herbal 1 review
$23 CAD
Naturally Sweet Iced TeaNoir Natural Sweet Iced Tea Bags


Iced Tea | Black
$23 CAD
Precocious Passionfruit VanillaPrecocious Passionfruit Vanilla

Precocious Passionfruit Vanilla

Iced Tea | Black
$23 CAD
Organic Golden Turmeric ChaiOrganic Golden Turmeric Chai
Sold out

Organic Golden Turmeric Chai

Botanical Powder | Herbal
$28 CAD
Organic Wild Dandelion CocoaOrganic Wild Dandelion Cocoa

Organic Wild Dandelion Cocoa

Botanical Powder | Herbal 2 reviews
$28 CAD
Organic Ashwagandha Beetroot BoostOrganic Ashwagandha Tea & Beetroot Powder

Organic Ashwagandha Beetroot Boost

Botanical Powder | Herbal
$28 CAD
Daily Rituals of Aroma

Daily Rituals of Aroma

Classic Teabags | Assortments 4 reviews
$13 CAD
Passionate PearPassionate Pear

Passionate Pear

Classic Teabags | Green 18 reviews
From $13 CAD to $56 CAD
Mountain BerryMountain Berry

Mountain Berry

Classic Teabags | Herbal 17 reviews
From $13 CAD to $56 CAD
Imperial Earl GreyImperial Earl Grey

Imperial Earl Grey

Classic Teabags | Black 8 reviews
From $13 CAD to $53 CAD
Floral JasmineFloral Jasmine

Floral Jasmine

Classic Teabags | Green 26 reviews
From $13 CAD to $56 CAD
Pure Peppermint TeaPurely Peppermint Classic Teabags

Purely Peppermint

Classic Teabags | Herbal 8 reviews
From $13 CAD to $53 CAD
Strong English Breakfast TeaCompostable English Breakfast Black Teabags

English Breakfast

Classic Teabags | Black 15 reviews
From $13 CAD to $53 CAD
Calming ChamomileCalming Chamomile

Calming Chamomile

Classic Teabags | Herbal 9 reviews
From $13 CAD to $56 CAD
Health & Well-BeingHealth & Well-Being

Health & Well-Being

Classic Teabags | Green
From $13 CAD to $53 CAD

As we rapidly approach 2 degrees of warming, the need for drastic climate action cannot be ignored.
Every choice we make, no matter how small, makes a difference.

TEALEAVES gives you the options to choose the best tasting cup of tea with minimal impact on our one and only planet Earth. Loose-leaf tea, sustainable tea packaging and tea bags, natural teas and flavors, no artificial ingredients or fillers. An assortment of blends designed from nature, for nature. From Organic Botanical Powders to fully home compostable iced tea sachets and tea bags - all allowing you to make the best choice for both you and the planet.

To learn more, we welcome you to explore In Good Taste, a TEALEAVES Food Sustainability Initiative. Our In Good Taste Project seeks to reveal the truths and myths behind the science, theory and practice of taste, so that you can use that knowledge to design a better life.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and join us in the conversation, won't you?

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