Celebrating All Caregivers

Gifts of Gratitude for those who care for us

Blends that show gratitude to our Caregivers: our Mothers, our Healthcare Workers, and our Earth. Spend $100 and receive a gift of gratitude to all Caregivers giving back.

Pantone Collection SamplerPantone Collection Sampler
Best Seller

Pantone Collection Sampler

Signature Teabags | Assortments
$14 CAD
Pantone Collection Gift BoxPantone Collection Gift Box
Best Seller

Pantone Collection Gift Box

Signature Teabags | Assortments 19 reviews
$53 CAD
Garden of SecretsGarden of Secrets

Garden of Secrets

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
From $8 CAD to $25 CAD
Lavender Earl GreyLavender Earl Grey
Master Blend

Lavender Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 17 reviews
From $8 CAD to $86 CAD
Floral JasmineFloral Jasmine

Floral Jasmine

Loose Leaf Tea | Green 14 reviews
From $8 CAD to $78 CAD
Osmanthus FlowerOsmanthus Flower

Osmanthus Flower

Loose Leaf Tea | Oolong 4 reviews
From $34 CAD to $104 CAD
White BlossomWhite Blossom

White Blossom

Loose Leaf Tea | White
From $41 CAD to $128 CAD
Organic Jasmine PearlOrganic Jasmine Pearl

Organic Jasmine Pearl

Loose Leaf Tea | White 7 reviews
From $14 CAD to $158 CAD
Flowery Earl GreyFlowery Earl Grey

Flowery Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 8 reviews
From $8 CAD to $72 CAD
Shanghai RoseShanghai Rose

Shanghai Rose

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 6 reviews
From $8 CAD to $86 CAD
Fortune Flowering TeaFortune Flowering Tea

Fortune Flowering Tea

White Flowering Tea Ball
$34 CAD
Tender Loving Care KitTender Loving Care Kit

Tender Loving Care Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments
From $3.80 CAD to $204 CAD

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