Tencha Matcha

Tencha Matcha

Loose Leaf Tea | Green
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Power restrained. Single-minded focus. Dedication personified. Living the way of the warrior brings healing respect and guiding ethics into a world in much need.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Grassy & nori-like
PALATE: Vegetal, smooth, umami
PURPOSE: Daily antioxidant ritual

One of the healthiest teas to drink as part of a culturally-rich wellness ritual.


Ceremonial 100% stone-ground Kyoto Tencha Matcha

BLEND NO. 5005

TEALEAVES Tencha Matcha is a ceremonial grade of 100% stone-ground green tea. Tencha are young tea leaves hand-picked from the spring harvest, traditionally shaded for 20 days under a covering of straw honzu and reed. Shading is followed by steaming, then drying in a brick oven called a tencha-ro.

Tencha Matcha can be consumed as ‘thick tea’ (koicha [濃茶]), where only a small amount of water is added to the tea to make it liquid. ‘Thin tea’ (usucha [薄茶]) – better known as a 'frothy tea' - has a higher water to tea ratio. Especially in the case of koicha, the palate quality is of utmost importance with the tender, sweet leaves deemed to be the highest quality (most palatable).

Tencha Matcha's vibrant green hue is indicative of the quality and newness of the leaves selected. This vibrancy also reflects heightened health benefits. These include a high level of antioxidants, as well as key amino acids that promote relaxation and well-being. Tencha Matcha is energizing, yet balancing.

The palate of Tencha Matcha is vegetal and slightly umami, with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. This indicates the highest quality of milling. Through time-honored small-batch production methods, Tencha Matcha pays respect to the tradition and craftsmanship of matcha and Japanese tea culture.

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Raven M.
United States United States
Preperation is Key

First off the packaging is amazing I love the artwork very beautiful, second would be the taste very soothing and full, overall it's a great addition to anyones tea collection.

United States United States

Smooth, creamy.. heaven matcha. One complain though, it has those clumps that don't want to dissolve.

Erika M.
United States United States
Great Sample Size!

I am totally new to matcha so this was a great way to try it out without overcommitting. It is very vegetal and that's a new taste for me. It does have a smooth or creamy texture to it. I like it best as a latte. And the "good" rating is just based on my own taste buds, not a reflection on the quality. The quality is just fine.

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