Black Tea — Find your perfect balance between bold and subtle.

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The Wilde

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

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Black Tea Sampler Set

Loose Leaf | Assorted

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Gold Mountain

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

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Bold, malty, rich, earthy, strong, ripe, well rounded, complex, full bodied, opulent, satisfying. Like sommeliers describing red wine varietals, black tea offers a similar experience in mouthfeel, taste, aroma, and hue, thanks to the tannins found in both. If you are a wine lover you likely already have an appreciation for tea, be it white, green, or oolong...and if you love your red wines, then a world of black teas - from Ceylon to Assam to Pu-Erh will quickly find their place in your tea cupboard just as Barolo and Bordeaux fill your wine cabinet.

All tea originates from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Black tea gets its color and character from the processing of the leaves. Like all of our teas and botanicals that we carefully select (after much cupping and analysis before we share them with you), our organic black tea offerings are sourced from the world's top-tier gardens.

Mind you, we are not concerned with matching last year’s English Breakfast. Instead, we seek to capture the best expression of terroir in a teacup. Just like wine, the aim is not to maintain consistency over harvests, but rather to consistently re-formulate recipes. This dynamic approach to blending ensures that we are uncompromising on the quality of our black tea.

The art of blending is to be able to identify the cupping character of each raw ingredient. With an exceptionally formal tasting process developed over years, we have a deep understanding of how each ingredient influences the blend and adjusts each recipe, with palate as the final goal. In a nod to your health, although green and white teas are touted for their health-giving properties due to their high antioxidant content, organic black tea is still a healthy beverage as it contains antioxidants/flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, and essential oils which aid in digestion.

If you are drinking tea for health, be mindful of what you add to your black tea, and don't forget you can enjoy it hot or iced! So whether your morning cuppa is an organic black tea like our Organic English Breakfast, "a cup of liquid sunshine" aka Flowery Earl Grey, or a "spoon standing" Golden Assam, our black tea products offer a range for the most discerning of palates.

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