Bruno Bubble Gum Book Bundle


For the foodie, the aspiring chef, or The Great Canadian Baking Show binge-watcher, this limited edition bundle, featuring the award-winning "Baking with Bruno" cookbook and the summertime memory-inducing Bubble Gum Popsicle tea blend, is sure to please!

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About This Blend

Named one of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America by Chocolatier Magazine two years in a row, and multiple nominations for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef, and Judge on CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show.

He has been featured in the New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, Bon Appetit and New York Magazine.

As a dear friend of the TEALEAVES family, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Chef Bruno Feldeisen for over two decades. Collaborating on a custom tea blend together was, we felt, the perfect celebration of our friendship to date - sharing stories, reflecting on simple, sun-filled days of youth, and blending to capture the flavor, aroma, and mood of summer.


This bundle includes Bubble Gum Popsicle loose leaf green tea and a Baking with Bruno: A French Baker's North American Love Story cookbook.


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Bubble Gum Popsicle

Inspired by the sweetness of summer, Chef Bruno Feldeisen reflected on childhood memories of long hot days on the beach, chewing pink bubble gum, and indulging on popsicles.

Getting covered in sticky sweetness as the ice pop melted faster than it could be eaten. Bubble Gum Popsicle is a fruity, fresh, inviting blend of green tea, passionfruit, lychee, pineapple. Perfect to pair with the delicious desserts you can make in his Baking with Bruno cookbook!

Baking with Bruno: A French Baker's North American Love Story

Winner of the 2021 NYC Big Book Award for best cookbook, in Baking with Bruno, Feldeisen begins teaching the fundamentals of making pastries, doughs and more along with the basic items found in a pastry chef's pantry as well as a list of all the tools of the trade.

Baking with Bruno then proceeds to reveal extraordinary recipes for jams, sauces, cookies, mousse, custards and cakes.

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