Loose Leaf Tea | Black
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Swirls of plush petals float sweet poetry. Enchantment infuses the air. Cheeks blush, eyes gaze deep and two hearts become one, in a time of treasured innocence.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Sophisticated rose perfume
PALATE: Sensual & polished
PURPOSE: Love at first sight

An enchanting dance of rose, cocoa, black tea, uplifting bergamot and an accent of blue cornflower.


Black tea, rose petals, cornflower petals, cocoa husk, rose and bergamot natural flavors.

BLEND NO. 3000

Our black aromatic tea blends, comprised of the highest quality Ceylon black tealeaves, are hand-scented with the essential oils of natural ingredients. A kiss of bergamot and the oil of fragrant rose are added after the leaves have been fully oxidized and dried, complementing the distinctive taste of black tea with their characteristic flavours.

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