Golden Bamboo Chasen (Matcha Tea Whisk)


A whisk to create the perfect layer of delicate foam atop a cup of matcha.

$28 CAD

With 120 finely carved hosaki (prongs), this traditional Golden Bamboo Chasen (matcha tea whisk) is made for whisking and creating the perfect layer of delicate foam atop a cup of thin, matcha green tea.


Without a Golden Bamboo Chasen (matcha tea whisk), it is nearly impossible to make the bowl of smooth, aerated infusion associated with matcha. Hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo, the fine hosaki (prongs) of chasen is crafted specifically for breaking matcha powder into a smooth and creamy creation. For matcha, a chasen with more prongs is more desirable, creating a layer of delicate foam.

NO. WMAS-006


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