Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

A "civil cuppa" of unique fruity black tea for the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and Hare!

$13 CAD
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Blending Notes
  • Aroma

    Sweet & fruity

  • Palate

    Approachable sweetness

  • Purpose

    Head down the rabbit hole


Black tea, essential oils of natural fruit, passion fruit, vanilla, and marigold flowers

High Caffeine

BLEND NO. 5509


Our loose leaf is packed in tins that are recyclable and can be disposed of in your blue bin. Our tins are also food-safe and can be repurposed for many things including spices and other dried ingredients. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

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Eclectic cups, chairs and companions conduct controversial conversations. Flights of fancy float amongst decadent desserts while riddles remain unanswered - a Mad Hatter's dream.

About This Blend

Like a Milliner designing a hat, our Master Blenders bespoke blended Mad Hatter's Tea Party tea with the whimsy of Lewis Carroll's fantastical tea party in mind. An aromatic black tea with unique fruit notes of passionfruit, which dances with smooth, creamy vanilla. Golden marigold flowers add pops of color to the blend before it infuses to a sweet and fruity cup. Mad Hatter's Tea Party has been one of TEALEAVES ongoing favorites since we opened the doors of our first tearoom in 1994.


1 Tsp


1 Cup




2-3 Min

Your FAQs, Answered
For Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Like all tea, black tea can be drunk whenever one sees fit. That being said, due to the high caffeine content associated with this tea type we recommend consuming this tea in the morning or early afternoon.

Black tea should be steeped for 2-3 minutes at a temperature of 210°F or 99°C.

Black tea is the only tea group in which milk, honey, lemon and sugar pair nicely with.

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