Earl Grey Decaf Loose TeaLoose Leaf Earl Grey Decaf Tea

Decaf Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 5 reviews
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Decaf English Breakfast TeaDecaf English Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea

Decaf English Breakfast

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 6 reviews
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Decaf English BreakfastDecaf English Breakfast

Decaf English Breakfast

Classic Teabags | Black 3 reviews
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Decaf English Breakfast

Decaf English Breakfast

Paper Teabags | Black 6 reviews
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How is tea decaffeinated?

First off, let's begin by stating that we make TEALEAVES decaf loose leaf tea and decaf tea bags more complicated than it has to be. And more costly. And time-consuming. Why? As a luxury tea company of the highest standards, we refuse to cut corners. Driven by persistence and perfection, the integrity of our tea is paramount. For most standard decaffeinated teas, the process involves liquid chemicals that absorb caffeine.

Consciously chemical-free, we invest in our process to ensure that our decaffeination method is as pure as can be. Aligned with our commitment to wellness and environmental responsibility, we carefully select, qualify, and test to keep your tea pure. We use a special decaffeination method for our teas, known as Supercritical CO2 Processing, which ensures that no chemicals seep into your tea, and the complex palate is preserved.

Simply resulting in a decaf tea collection that has all the flavor without the caffeine.

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