The Forsyte Cocktail


The Forsyte

The Forsyte is a new classic. This drink should appeal to those fond of Negroni and Manhattan cocktails due to its robust composition and balanced citrus notes. Antonio’s initial inspiration behind the cocktail was a more basic ‘Tom Collins’ but he decided to craft a more complex version that would still tantalize the taste buds of a wider audience.

Notes from Antonio Lara, Bartender at Hotel Americano New York:

“From The Botanist gin and its exotic collection of botanicals and fine ingredients, we have derived a new modern classic. The Forsyte will lend new meaning to John Galsworthy’s “Indian Summer of a Forsyte” by depicting an array of autumn flavors and aromas.

Tealeaves’ Flowery Earl Grey infusion enhances the gin’s citrus and floral notes that gives The Forsyte its literary presence. To round the fresh flavors of grapefruit and Meyer lemon is the spiced syrup, and finally, Cardamaro Amaro contributes to the cocktail with a delightful warm nutty finish.

As you welcome the brisk of fall and the upcoming holidays – congregate, enhance and flame your inner self with The Forsyte…and start your next chapter.”

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