Monkey Picked Oolong

Monkey Picked Oolong

Loose Leaf Tea | Oolong

Highly prized and hand-picked, our Monkey Picked Oolong tea is excellent for multiple infusions.

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Blending Notes
  • Aroma

    Golden orchid, intriguing

  • Palate

    Elegant, complex layers

  • Purpose

    Wisdom through tradition


High grade estate oolong tea

Medium Caffeine

BLEND NO. 3051


Our loose leaf is packed in tins that are recyclable and can be disposed of in your blue bin. Our tins are also food-safe and can be repurposed for many things including spices and other dried ingredients. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

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A playful tail curls. Nimbly ascending, cheerful hands pick lush leaves. Descending thirty feet, a treasure awaits those below and once, only an Emperor's precious pleasure.

About This Blend

The name "Monkey Picked Oolong" represents the high quality and rarity of this oolong. It is hand-picked from the very top leaves of tea bushes grown in higher-elevation gardens. Lore has it that trained monkeys would climb to the top of the ancient tea bushes that would grow on the edges of steep cliffs, at the highest elevation, thus deemed the best tasting tea. Too high for the farmers to pick by hand, they would train the monkeys to climb and harvest the best tea for them. This term, "Monkey Picked" applies almost exclusively to Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea, Wuyi Mountain and Anxi province oolong tea varieties, where our Monkey Picked Oolong is grown. A cup deserving your full attention, when you are mindful, and in the moment. Enjoy TEALEAVES oolongs at first light, as a meditation to begin your day.


1 Tsp


1 Cup




3 Min

Your FAQs, Answered
For Monkey Picked Oolong

The name "Monkey Picked Oolong" represents the high quality of this rare oolong tea. It is hand-picked from the very top leaves of tea bushes grown in higher-elevation gardens.

Oolong teas should be steeped for 2-3 minutes at a temperature of 200°F or 93°C.

Unlike other teas, oolong tea can be re-steeped to make multiple cups. With each re-steep, different flavour characteristics emerge that alter the teas natural palate, creating a new tasting experience for you to enjoy. Oolong teas are exquisite to experience in a yixing tea pot.

Oolong tea does contain caffeine. To illustrate, one would need to drink approximately 4 cups of oolong tea to equal the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of drip coffee.

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