Tea-Smoked Tuna


Tea-Smoked Tuna

Executive Chef Antonio Cardoso's seared tuna alternates between sweet, smokey and citrusy.
A glassy base of Tangerine Rooibos tea gelée is topped with evenly sliced tea-smoked tuna and a yuzu mayonnaise.

Take a bite of his Tangerine Rooibos smoked tuna alongside sweet yellow watermelon for a perfect pairing of sweet and savory.

Executive Chef Antonio Cardoso inspires a clean and smokey tangerine palate with this seared tuna, citrus, and refreshing yellow watermelon arrangement. Tea-smoked tuna alternates with sweet, ripe melon, and finisheded with a citrusy yuzu mayo and lemongrass foam.

Tie the bow with a touch of green micro herbs – that’s preTEA perfect!

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Tea in Recipe

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