Sweet Beet & Ginger Cocktail


Sweet Beet & Ginger Cocktail

Crafted by Tyler McDiarmid, Head Mixologist at The Wickaninnish Inn, local and fresh ingredients mix to make a slightly sweet, earthy, and citrusy fizz.

Spicy ginger is grounded by earthy notes of beet, then highlighted by bright lime juice. Lastly, a superfood-rich beetroot botanical rimmer adds the final balance of sweetness.

Recipe created by Tyler McDiarmid, Head Mixologist at The Wickaninnish Inn, as part of the TEALEAVES "In Good Taste" Chef Series.

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At TEALEAVES we've been on a journey to find out what living 'In Good Taste' really means. A vessel for connection, food can be a powerful agent in sparking positive change for Diversity, both biological and cultural. Watch our documentary 'In Good Taste' to learn how we can reclaim our tastebuds and our health.

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