Imperial English Breakfast

Imperial English Breakfast

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
$28 CAD

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A bold, Big Ben counts on time to mend meddling below while a bird's eye view keeps watch. The city hustles and bustles enliven even the most tepid heart.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Sweet & biscuity
PALATE: Elegant, refined brightness
PURPOSE: Regal poise

Blended true to the origin of English Breakfast - biscuity Keemun and bright Ceylon.


High elevation black tea

BLEND NO. 3518

Thousands of hours of innovation and our Master Blenders' time have gone into making the most basic of all teas into this artisan-blended Imperial English Breakfast. We seek to blend a connoisseur experience - made with great passion in small batches. The result is an intensely flavoured black tea that is full-bodied, complex, and elegant.

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