Chamomile Flowers

Paper Teabags | Herbal
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A gentle hum infuses a waving sea of golden crowns. Stalks nod and soon buoy upward again, as their happy guests drift on under the warm sun.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Soft, smooth, and apple-like
PALATE: Delicate and floral with lingering aftertaste


Chamomile flowers

BLEND NO. 2219

Chamomile is also known as Matricaria chamomilla or Anthemis nobilis. Probably the most popular herbal tea, Chamomile has a long history in folk medicine, dating back to ancient Egypt when it was used to treat malaria. Medieval Germans drank Chamomile tea to relieve indigestion. Chamomile has an apple-like floral taste, a sweet fragrance, and makes a gentle sedative.

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