To all valued members of the TEALEAVES ecosystem,

Thank you for being part of our ecosystem. We reach out to you with a message of support,  knowing that together we face a challenging time.

Our manifesto is to inject ritual, purpose, and intention into the human experience, to incite consciousness of oneself, one’s time, and one’s impact. We invite you to be conscious of the positive impact you can make, through social-distancing and retreating into more solitary environments. 

These extraordinary circumstances are also an opportunity for self-care. Whether it be through meditation and yoga, reconnecting virtually with a loved one, staying active, or taking a nature bath outdoors, our own health & wellness plays a crucial part in ensuring the well-being of our broader communities. 

As a company, TEALEAVES has always been committed to your health and safety. Our blending practices incorporate only the highest quality, natural ingredients that meet international third party testing standards, and our internal safety processes and independent audit reviews meet the standards of HACCP and CODEX:

  1. BCARA (Certified Organic Audit)
  2. (HACCP and GMP Audit)
  3. Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA (Food Safe, HACCP)
  4. Coastal Health, City of Vancouver (Food Safe facility inspection)

Throughout this time, we have also adjusted operating procedures to align with the recommendations set by the World Health Organization (WHO), The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

To support your wellness through this time of uncertainty, we are available as usual at, with increased support through live chat, as well as email at Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns; we are here to support you. Perhaps you too can find moments for positive introspection over a cup of TEALEAVES in the coming weeks. 

Your partner in Self-Care,