Lemongrass Lemon

Loose Leaf Iced Tea | Black
$8 CAD

With intense lemon character, this blend is the epitome of a cooling, summer iced tea. Features a base of loose Ceylon and India black tea leaves.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Pungent and citrusy
PALATE: Brisk and lemony


Black tea, lemongrass, lemon zest, natural lemon flavor

BLEND NO. 9903

This blend lends itself well to both sweetened and unsweetened iced teas. As with all our iced teas, it is great served alone, or with alcohol.

Serving suggestion: serve with slices of fresh citrus fruits, kiwis, peaches, or melons, and a sprig of fresh mint.

This tea is a zestier, sharper alternative to our Basic Black Iced Tea. Lemongrass Lemon lends itself well to making a Long Island Iced Tea, or Southern Iced Tea.

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