Chai — From sunrise to sunset, drinking tea is more than a lifestyle in India: it encompasses the vibrancy and complexity of the nation.

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Loose Leaf Tea with CardamomMasala Chai Tea with Cardamom

Masala Chai

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

From $13 CAD to $31 CAD
Herbal Spiced ChaiTraditional Chai Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

Herbal Spiced Chai

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal

$31 CAD
Organic Golden Turmeric ChaiOrganic Golden Turmeric Chai Superfood Powder from  TEALEAVES

Organic Golden Turmeric Chai

Botanical Powder | Herbal

$36 CAD
Monsoon ChaiMonsoon Chai

Monsoon Chai

Signature Teabags | Black

From $20 CAD to $55 CAD
Fantastic Mushroom TeaFantastic Mushroom Tea

Fantastic Mushroom Tea

Botanical Powder | Herbal

$17 CAD

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