Teatime with the Queen Can't Top This


Treat yourself to Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas.

The MANDARIN ORIENTAL’s afternoon Chinese Tea Ceremony is fit for royalty. During the Classic English Afternoon Tea, select from more than 20 beverages, including the white-tea favorite Jasmine Pearl and the traditional black tea Mandarin Orange Blend. Plus, nosh on tiny Black Forest ham and curried chicken-salad sandwiches; tasty, warm scones with Devonshire clotted cream; and a variety of tea pastries, including our weakness: Kalamansi lime white-chocolate truffle.

IN FIVE WORDS … Have your own tea party

DON’T MISS … the Gong Fu Cha Service, which details the art of the tea-brewing process, from the warming of the pot to the rinsing of the tea leaves. The customary experience requires a three-person minimum and features a special blend of Dragonwell tea.

DID YOU KNOW … you’re not limited to a pot of hot tea with your crumpets. Ask for the Veuve Clicquot Afternoon Tea, and treat yourself to a glass of bubbly.

Enjoy These Blends

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