Yannis Stanisiere


Yannis Stanisiere studied at the Hotel and Tourism school of Illkirch in France. From the start of his career, Mr. Stanisiere has aimed for upscale establishments, starting in two and three Michelin-starred restaurants, and also spending time on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines cruise ship for a change of scenery.

Mr. Stanisiere eventually joined the team at Alain Ducasse’s extraordinary Monte Carlo restaurant, Le Louis XV, where he discovered the values of discipline and excellence. Shortly after, Mr. Stanisiere moved to San Diego and accepted a position as Maitre D’ for Le Fontainebleau Restaurant.


“You can have a great experience in an environment that's not necessarily luxury. It's more about the attention to the details and providing the customer with an experience that's not going to happen elsewhere.”

When Alain Ducasse called him back in 2000 for the Essex House restaurant opening in New York, Mr. Stanisiere accepted the position without hesitation. His position here evolved from Maitre D’, to Floor Manager, and finally to Restaurant Manager.

In January 2007, Mr. Stanisiere was appointed Director of New Builds for Alain Ducasse Entreprise and has since been leading all new projects. He has provided operation expertise to some of the most recent openings, including Adour at the St. Regis Hotel New York, Adour in Washington DC, Benoit Bistrot and Bar in New York, miX on the beach Vieques Island in Puerto Rico and miX in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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