Toby Joseph


Toby Joseph got his first taste of restaurant life in his father’s kitchen in Cape Cod, where, at the early age of 11, he found his true calling. For Joseph, widely regarded as one of the most innovative chefs in America, cooking for others is not simply a job, it is a way of life he feels destined to live.

At age 22, after graduating at the top of his class at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University, he moved to Colorado and later to Florida to work his way through top positions at award-winning hotels and restaurants. Eight years later, Toby Joseph landed the position of Executive Chef at Houston’s prestigious St. Regis Hotel. Recently Joseph assisted and opened The St. Regis, Anguilla and The St Regis, Fort Lauderdale.

Embracing the diversity of cultures and resulting foods found in Houston, Joseph’s rare talent for blending flavours in unexpected ways continues to gain national recognition. Renowned food critic John Mariani calls Toby Joseph “one of the most imaginative chefs in Houston.” He was singled out as one of the “Top Hotel Chefs in America” by the James Beard Foundation, Houston’s “Best Up-and-Coming Chef” and one of Houston’s “Top 10 Super Chefs.” Unrelentingly creative, Joseph’s talent in the kitchen continues to reap rich rewards for The St. Regis, Fort Lauderdale and The St. Regis, Houston, both of which have achieved the Mobil “Four Star Award,” AAA’s “Five Diamond Award” and Condé Nast Traveler “Gold List” annually since signing him on as Executive Chef.

In Toby Joseph’s kitchen, the world is his supermarket. He searches worldwide for the best of everything available, and then creates his menu. These details can be drilled down to not just when and what kind of scallop is harvested, but how it was treated when it was first brought up. To Joseph, what is most important is not the cost of the ingredient, but rather the quality – which is never compromised.

Some people live to eat, some eat to live, but Toby Joseph lives to cook. “Every time I step into the kitchen, it’s a chance to challenge my own creativity and my guests,” says Joseph. “I encourage them to open their minds and stretch their imaginations; not only as it relates to taste, but also presentation. With every dish, I’m looking to push the envelope and take the hesitation out of one’s culinary past, break down their comfort zone to familiar cuisines, touch their senses and stir their emotions.”

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