Papi Hurtado


Born in Colombia, The Rittenhouse Philadelphia Master Mixologist Papi Hurtado first discovered his passion for mixology in London. During his time in the city, he worked with some of the best mixologists in the world at venues including Café Pacifico, Green & Red, Aura Night Club and the Rockwell Trafalgar Hotel. In addition, Hurtado competed in the Master Bartender Cava de Don Augustine Tequila British Championship at which he took home the first place prize for his Mayahual Cocktail.

This love for the Mexican “drink of the gods” led him to his position as a qualified Tequila Consul. He is also a member of the Worldwide Cocktail Club and the American Bartenders Guild.

Papi Hurtado now serves as Master Mixologist for the Library Bar at The Rittenhouse, Philadelphia’s premier luxury hotel. He is responsible for the Library Bar’s innovative and unique drink menu, creating masterpiece cocktails from behind the bar.



Welcome to #PaletteForYourPalate, An Exhibition of Tea + Color + Mood. Over the next two months we will be releasing 20+ culinary and mixology films inspired by the Pantone Color Institute and our new Whole Lead Pyramid Teabags. Here's a teaser to get you started, and we hope you enjoy this tour of taste and color.

Color In Sight: A Documentary on the Details of Color in Design

“There are many products that are well designed, but don't get the traction they deserve because the color's not right." In an increasingly digitally connected world, research has shown that the average human attention span has fallen to eight seconds- one second less than that of the goldfish. With such a competitive landscape, only the best brands can convey their message and connect with people almost instantaneously. Color In Sight brings together 11 experts of industry, gathered around one powerful, little detail: color. We explore how top brands—ranging from Nike and Pantone to OPI and Herman Miller—think about and use color in the most effective and compelling way. By hearing their own experiences, the goal is to bring about an appreciation for the detail of color selection and how it can have a large impact on the perception of products and services enjoyed by many.



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