Nikolas Mantas


Fueled by his love of travel and exotic locations, Nikolas Mantas, Food & Beverage Manager at Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa, eventually made his way to Tanzania after nearly a lifetime of traveling and working in the hospitality industry throughout Europe.

Previously the Food & Beverage Manager at Montpelier Plantation & Beach, Mantas combined Caribbean culture with superior service and unique culinary experiences.

“TEALEAVES captures the real spirit of tea in every single leaf. From the moment you open the container, you recognize the high quality of the product. But when you infuse it, the drink speaks for itself, revealing the uniqueness, heritage, experience and craftsmanship of a real tea experience.”

Born in Greece, Mantas grew up in a family closely involved in the food industry. From a very early age Mantas had an interest in the culinary tourism industry. Following his passion, he attended a hotel management school and subsequently worked many years in Greece, Spain and Brussels. His work in Europe provided him with invaluable management experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the best cuisine and wine of the region.

Mantas incorporates a holistic approach to hospitality – his aim is to provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy life through good food, fine wine and nature. He particularly enjoys engaging with guests with particularly high culinary and service expectations.

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