Megan Romano


Executive Pastry Chef Megan Romano, has the role of creator of hand-crafted confections under her Megan Romano brand. Her expertise has allowed her to now open her very own Chocolate & Spice Bakery.

Leveraging her more than 16 years in the back house of famous kitchens in New York, Chicago, Florida and Las Vegas, Chef Megan changes our mindset about dessert by advocating pure and fresh ingredients, easy-to-replicate recipes, delicious and eye-catching results and by convincing us that dessert is a necessary food for every occasion.

"I absolutely love to work with the beautifully fragrant creations of Tealeaves! All I have to do is open the container and I am moved to prepare something delicious, whether it be a Concord Grape Eros Tea Pound Cake, Mountain Berry Infused Dark Chocolate, or an Aureole Blend Tea Crème Brûlée."

“It’s a Sweet Life” is about simplifying the dessert ingredient and process so that experienced and developing cooks alike can use seasonal, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients to create lovely complements to their everyday life,” states Chef Megan.

Chef Megan’s line of chocolates and baked goods represent her philosophy: simple, pure and delicate use of fine chocolate, fruit, nugget and biscuit to create artisan confections for casual gatherings, special occasions and gift-giving. She also creates an exceptional line of hand-blended seasonings and other kitchen essentials in additional to custom cakes, desserts and pastries.

Chef Megan has been recognized as the critical link in a twelve year tenure as a AAA Four Diamond Award of Excellence award restaurant, as a Michelin Travel Guide One-Star award recipient for 3 years and a Mobil Travel Guide award recipient for more than 9 years.


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