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Meg Hagele opened the original High Point Café in Mt. Airy Village in 2005, quickly earning a reputation for delicious baked goods, high quality espresso and top-shelf customer service. Currently, she has expanded her operations to encompass three different High Point Café locations along with a wholesale production for the signature baked goods, supplying restaurants all around the city.

With great devotion to community, Hagele’s philosophy is simple: to redefine what success means and to achieve it on her own terms. “What is success to me is not necessarily what is success to someone with an MBA from Penn…for me it’s a priority to do what is right. I make a living.” Extremely dedicated to self-growth, Hagele has attended professional seminars for small business owners through institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania for years.

“I fell in love with TEALEAVES when I first smelled the Imperial Earl Grey in 2000. I was looking for a tea company that made real tea with quality and integrity, not a bunch of flavored blends that mask the tea. I was thrilled to find a partner in TEALEAVES who has the same commitment to quality and service that I strive to provide to my customers. Over the years our team at High Point Café has been inspired by your teas to create pastries and drinks for our customers. It keeps us engaged in the work we do and it makes for an exciting experience for our customers.”

More than simply a policy, the café’s workers are offered full health and dental benefits, including alternative health care, even for part-time staff after only 2 months of employment. “I have a responsibility to them as much as they do to me,” says Hagele of her philosophy and approach. “I want to create an atmosphere that is mutually fulfilling.” Allowing the team to be their own people behind the counter, she encourages every employee to expand within the café according to his or her talents or desires, bringing out the best in each person.

With the blossoming popularity of the multiple locations of the High Point Café, Meg Hagele expanded to wholesale, looking for a new, even greater challenge. Finding a large space in Germantown Avenue to house the kitchen, High Point Wholesale began supplying restaurants from across Northwest Philly with the café’s signature products that are increasingly demanded by the residents in of Philly.

Meg Hagele loves working with TEALEAVES teas to discover new flavor combinations. Some of the favorites at High Point Café are:

Earl Grey Tea Cookies – these amazing shortbreads highlight the aromatics of the bergamot against the rich butteriness of the shortbread with a clean black tea finish that makes it hard to resist a second.

Jasmine Green Tea Honeysuckle Cake – a little jasmine goes a long way in this remarkable bundt style cake. Macha gives the cake a good green tea hit and wonderful color, and the Jasmine is a lovely surprise as the sweetness fades in your mouth. Moist inside with a delightfully satisfying chewy crust.

La-Teas – Our La-Teas are steeped teas with perfectly steamed milk. Often we incorporate honey or one of our housemade syrups to provide a touch of sweetness. Some wonderful combinations are:

Organic Peppermint Leaves and Madagascar Vanilla Syrup

Imperial Earl Grey and Lavender Syrup

Pear Tree Green Tea and Ginger Syrup

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