Marco Perry


“Underneath similar exteriors, we are all made up of various layers and complexities that are unique: these should be recognized and celebrated with others as often as possible. Perhaps TEALEAVES is dear to me because their philosophy is so similar to this.”

Marco Perry grew up with a refined palate and at age three, he was already hooked on analyzing vintage wines with his father. Growing up in the thick of 1970s Los Angeles, his father’s famed LA restaurant was Hollywood elites’ favourite dining room where Marco learned the power of togetherness around a table by witnessing Hollywood deals being settled over food, friendships being formed, and civilities being strained. Above all, he knows that in order to keep the peace, all senses must be stimulated with an ease and warmth to them.

“I’ve incorporated TEALEAVES into every property I’ve been with not only because of the high standards they uphold within the company mission, but I also respect their commitment to training and tea education. Those employees that I’ve done TEALEAVES training with are absolutely amazed at what valuable and intense information there is, and to see how eager they are to know more - it’s inspiring”

His own career path led him to open renowned restaurants around the globe including two successful stints in Germany and England. Stressing the importance of a full luxury experience with an utmost focus on detail made him a perfect candidate for the five-star hotel world as well. Mandarin Oriental Miami’s opening in 2000 ushered in a new direction for his food and beverage business talents. He then proceeded to assist in the opening of the Mandarin Oriental New York, The Setai in South Beach, and enriched the food culture of the Soho House, New York. Now Marco oversees the exclusive luxury Noble Hotels & Resorts.

Sharing knowledge and insight with others is not only second nature to Marco Perry, but also a mainstay of his business mantra and persona that he has applied to managing hotels such as GHM’s Heritage House, Rosewood’s San Ysidro Ranch, and Joie de Vivre’s Shorebreak Hotel. Marco has managed to put this familial love of creating unparalleled experiences to encompass not only a culinary aspect, but one that stimulates and speaks to most senses.

“TEALEAVES fills a need in me, in a refined and soothing way that makes not only business sense, but ties to a deep emotional connection for me. When I was young, my mother would give me tea to treat everything – she never gave us juice or soda. Not only medicinal – this was a soothing action, and one that I’d like to share.”

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