Manuel Lamerán


Chef Manuel Alfredo Lamerán Celis prides himself on his philosophy that there is “no limit for creativity and growth”, and instead believes that “we create those limits”. In the Green Bistro Restaurant, Chef Lamerán imposes no rules – he does not copy the same old dish you can find at any other restaurant. He creates. Mexican cuisine is his inspiration. Each dish that he presents combines his personality and philosophy to create something new, daring, and unique.

“I am definitely a new fan of the TEALEAVES brand. I love signature cuisines and their teas are the perfect choice to create something with a lot of presence that is both unique and tasty. The fresh quality and organic guaranteed process of TEALEAVES makes their teas the perfect option for either a dish or a drink.”

While Chef Lamerán was carrying out his education at the Universidad de Valle de Mexico, he came to the realization that he wanted to lead the path of a great chef. It was soon after that Chef Lamerán ventured off to Miami where he began his culinary training. From the very start, Chef Lamerán’s sophisticated and edgy personality shone through in his fine cuisine creations.

Soon after graduation from the Culinary International School (Escuela Culinaria Internacional), Chef Lamerán jetted off to London where he served as an Executive Chef. Now, Chef Lamerán continues to impress his clients at the luxurious La Tranquila Breath Taking Resort & Spa in Punta de Mita.

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